May 19th, 2022 Posted by Blog

India being the 5th largest economy in the world after US, Japan, China and Germany. In the recent times many companies have withdrawn their investments from other countries and relocated themselves in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and India. Post-Covid financial situation of all the countries have been in turmoil. In recent times, India has been recognized in economic efficiency and its performance. The Government of India has taken initiative to go digital and encourage electronic transactions.

Many International companies have begun to invest in Indian Market. But due to various reasons such as language being the barrier, the process is slowed down. Adapting content, products, and services to specific local markets is the process of localization. A localization is not simply translating texts. Despite the fact that translation involves translating one language into another while keeping the meaning intact, localization is much more than that. Keeping these changes and innovations in mind Transflow offers many such services that can make our work easy on fingertips.

Why Transflow would be apt for this?

Transflow is one of the units of KeyPoint Technologies and global leader in Language solutions.  Transflow’s Localization holds a unique combination of Linguistic science, Natural language processing and computational linguistics. Localization using, we offer end-to-end translations and localization solutions in 180+ global languages, including 49 Indic languages that can help global customers invest in India without having any language as a communication barrier.

Our Services include:

  • Translations
  • App and Software Localization
  • Dubbing and Interpretation
  • Transcription and Subtitling
  • Multilingual websites
  • Machine Intelligence
  • AI Powered Language solutions

These services can help India become one of the global leaders in terms of economic status.  If Content is King, Engagement is Queen. And both King and Queen make a successful kingdom. Transflow focuses on many such aspects to keep their audience happy with their services. When striving to expand your business into new markets, you are likely to find success in localizing your business strategy and overcoming cultural barriers.