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“We cheer thinking-outside-the-box,
KPTians engage in brainstorming and
playing with ideas & prototypes.”



Our Culture Development

At KeyPoint, we provide multi-cultural & vibrant environment, a place where talented minds, smart, passionate, and energy-infused people work together in a dynamic atmosphere that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy. We encourage freedom of speech. Together, we foster a culture in which our people feel empowered to drive positive change every day. Whether a KPTian is just starting their career or interested in doing R&D, they have flexibility and peace of mind to connect simultaneously to their passion and dreams. KPTians have regular “coffee and communication” or “lunch and learn” sessions, where socializing is as important as the business topic. We cheer thinking-outside-the-box, KPTians engage in brainstorming and playing with ideas & prototypes.

Work at KPT

An inspiring environment, continuous growth opportunities, unceasing innovation, and work-life balance make KPT a great workplace.
Interested in developing and sharing great ideas? Are your insights able to help us advance? Perfect. We do, too. You can share your creativity, express your passions and grow in your very own way.
To unleash your true potential, join our unique culture where you can take on responsibility at every level – whether in terms of ideas, projects or teams. Thrive with us and get involved where your true passions lie.



Our competent team comes with strong expertise in Niche Skills like Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Learning, C/C++, Python, Node JS, Mongo DB, Data Analytics, Data Architecture, Web Services, Android, iOS & Language Engines. They are constantly challenged to solve the most interesting problems and we have a habit of winning each one of those.


Our Product, Sales and Marketing team have been providing extensive language solutions and support to the products and services of global brands serving best-in-class, innovative, localization solutions which are provided by qualified experts.

Cerina Studio

Our smart, accomplished core engine and NLP team help converging behavioural AI, smart ERP and interactive chatbots with modern consumer products that engages and elevates lifestyle experiences of today’s consumers.


Our people are our culture. We take pride in our awesome-ly fun culture. By connecting business with people, we support our business in making some path-breaking products. We look for creative, energetic talent, and grow with them, as they grow with us! Our tech savvy IT department is responsible for providing and maintaining the infrastructure for automation.

HR Induction

HR plays a strategic role in business management and the implementation of workplace culture which contributes significantly to the company’s overall success. Our HR professionals serve many roles within an organization: compliance advisor, employee relations counselor, benefits administrator, recruiter and safety coordinator, to name a few.


We have Commercially driven financial department with an accomplished background in managing complex finance and accounting functions of leading IT enterprises with international operations. We have legal operational professionals in our legal departments that looks after the legal pursuits in the organisation.


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