Our Culture

KPT has a vibrant work culture which fosters open communication, diversity, innovation & employee delight. We hire people who are passionate about technology and have conviction in their ideas. We strive for innovation that could rival any start up matched by a commitment to living our values that is second to none. Whether a KPTian is just starting career or interested in doing R&D, they have flexibility and peace of mind to connect simultaneously to their passion and dreams. KPTians have regular “coffee and communication” or “lunch and learn” sessions, where socializing is as important as the business topic.
To cheer thinking-outside-the-box, KPT has a sci-fi innovation room, here KPTians engage in brainstorming and playing with ideas & prototypes. Twice a year, KPT pauses from the regular business work and conducts “Codothon”. Codothon is a 48-hour non-stop event where KPTians form teams and work on ideas to develop prototypes. The top 2 ideas/prototypes/products are rewarded.
KPTians pursue leisure at office through Ping-Pong, console games, foosball, indoor board games or just lazing on the bean bag. KPTians outside work, embark on hobbies like cricket, cycling, running, trekking, road trips, hill walks, soccer, badminton, frisbee, dancing, singing, yoga etc.


Work At KPT

Everything in the reality has its thought in antecedence – in fact every action is a product of thought. Every battle in life is won or lost in the arena of thought. Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life are here to make some great contributions.

It’s the fire from within that motivates us to develop some awe-inspiring products in mobile market segment.


Engineering Team

We are constantly challenged to solve the most interesting problems and we have a habit of winning each one of those. We have some of the best creative brains and we know there are a few more out there. As a team, we are all about breaking complex problems into smaller reusable solutions.


Marketing Team

No beard, nor tattoos are required; Only a brilliant, motivated and forward-thinking mind is necessary to be part of our team. And if you have the “can-roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude, you’ll fit right in.


Product Management Team

Do you get depressed/angry when you use a product and think about what it could have been? Are you at least three of skeptical, opinionated, creative, self-driven or detail oriented and thrive on complete ownership? Then we might be able to help you. The Product Management Group at KPT offers those with an entrepreneurial spirit an opportunity to drive an entire business while also driving the product roadmap. Come join us!


Quality Management Team

We take pride in delivering excellence. Whether you are looking to test a recent solid release or a brand new package updates-testing, QM has a way for you to contribute and get involved! We need people who like to push all the buttons, use all the command line options, verify all the documentation, review things for usability, and suggest future features – especially for anything that’s undergone major change in a recent or pending release.


UX Team

KPT bleeds design. Our leadership appreciate the power of design and user research is in everything we do. We believe design is as much about user behavior and emotion as it is about utility and ease. We are a broad team that contributes to product direction and crafts pixel-perfect output. Situated with the engineering team, we move quickly but also have enough time and space to envision, create prototypes & design innovative ideas. We love simplicity and a sense of whimsy. Sound like your type of space? Join us.


Data Analytics Team

There are vast opportunities and possibilities hidden in data. KPT is building a strong data-driven culture with focus on driving a positive business value. We’re a talented team of business analysts, machine learning experts and data engineer that’s passionate about finding answers through data and analytics. If you want to work at a place that celebrates innovation and creativity, join our growing team of experts and be our next data hero!


Human Resources Team

Our people are our culture. We take pride in our awesome-ly fun culture. By connecting business with people we support our business in making some path-breaking products. We look for creative, energetic talent, and grow with them, as they grow with us!


Product Innovation & Intellectual Property Team

We are product enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, ideators and implementers. We don’t think that any idea is crazy, we believe that innovation thrives best on crazy concepts.

If you are passionate about technology, love product innovation and want to apply your imagination to business challenges and opportunities, then come join our journey!

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You can write to us at info@keypoint-tech.com for more information.