Voice Over


Conversion of text into audio formats. Voiceovers can be successfully rendered in different voices, ex. male, female, young or old by experienced artists as per the clients request.

Transforming Text into Melodic Expression with Text-to-Speech

Dive into a world of sound with our Text-to-Speech API—a cool tool that turns words into lively voices, adding a touch of magic to written content.

Real Voices that Speak to You

Get your audience hooked with our range of natural voices. Our Text-to-Speech API creates voices that sound real, keeping listeners engaged in various apps.

Support for a Range of Languages

Effortlessly transcend language barriers. Our API accommodates numerous languages, enabling global communication with precision and cultural nuance through spoken content.

Your Brand's Special Sound

Give your apps a unique voice. Our API lets you tweak pitch, tone, and speed, so the spoken words match your brand's style perfectly.

Unveiling Identity through Voice: Explore Voice Print Analysis

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge identity verification with our Voice Print Analysis—a groundbreaking technology that decodes the unique vocal signatures of individuals, offering a secure and sophisticated layer of authentication. 

Personalized Identity Verification

Elevate security protocols by unlocking the power of voice uniqueness. Voice Print Analysis goes beyond traditional methods, providing a personalized and reliable means of confirming individual identities.

Efficient Authentication Process

Experience seamless and efficient identity verification. Our Voice Print Analysis technology swiftly analyzes vocal patterns, ensuring a quick and accurate authentication process for secure access to systems and services.

Adaptable to Diverse Use Cases

From securing confidential information to enhancing user experiences, Voice Print Analysis adapts to various applications. Explore its potential in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and customer service for a robust and adaptable security solution.

Continuous Learning for Accuracy

Benefit from a technology that evolves with use. Our Voice Print Analysis employs continuous learning algorithms, enhancing accuracy over time and ensuring reliable identification even as vocal patterns naturally change.

Speech to Speech

Experience a new dimension of communication with our Speech-to-Speech API—a breakthrough solution that transforms spoken words in real-time, enabling seamless multilingual conversations. 

Break Language Barriers Instantly

Say goodbye to language limitations. Our advanced Speech-to-Speech technology facilitates instant conversion of spoken content, fostering communication without the need for translation delays.

Natural and Fluid Interaction

Engage in conversations that flow naturally. Our API preserves intonation and nuances, ensuring that the essence of communication remains authentic, whether in business negotiations or casual dialogues.

Global Accessibility, Local Fluency

Empower your applications or devices with the ability to communicate across borders effortlessly. With support for a multitude of languages, our API enables global connectivity while maintaining local language fluency.

Developer-Friendly Integration

Seamlessly integrate our Speech-to-Speech API into your projects. Our developer-friendly approach ensures that you can enhance your applications with powerful speech conversion capabilities without hassle.

Speech commands

Command with Clarity: Harnessing the Power of Speech Command

Revolutionize user interactions with our Speech Commands API—an innovative solution that empowers devices and applications to understand and execute spoken instructions effortlessly.

Seamless Voice Control

Navigate, control, and operate with the simplicity of your voice. Our Speech Commands API enables users to interact with technology using natural language, providing an intuitive and hands-free experience.

Precision in Recognition

Experience industry-leading accuracy in command recognition. Our advanced technology ensures that spoken instructions are understood with clarity, reducing the likelihood of errors in command execution.

Audio Commands

Elevate Control with Audio Commands: Redefining User Interaction

Step into the future of user interface with our Audio Commands API—an innovative solution designed to empower devices and applications through seamless interaction via spoken instructions.

Hands-Free Convenience

Experience a new level of control as our Audio Commands API enables users to effortlessly operate devices using simple spoken instructions, offering a hands-free and intuitive user experience.

Precision in Audio Recognition

Our advanced audio recognition technology ensures accuracy in understanding spoken commands, minimizing errors and delivering a reliable and responsive user experience.

Audio Intent Detection

Unleashing Intelligent Interaction with Audio Intent Detection

Step into the future of audio interaction with our Audio Intent Detection API—a breakthrough solution that goes beyond mere recognition, understanding the nuanced intent behind spoken words for a truly intelligent user experience.

Effortless Voice Commands

Navigate seamlessly through applications using natural voice commands. Our Audio Intent Detection API empowers users with the convenience of effortless voice control, enhancing the user experience.

Enhancing User-Centric Experiences

Tailor applications to anticipate user needs by understanding the intent behind spoken words. Our API allows developers to create personalized and user-centric experiences, making interactions more intuitive and responsive.

Video Captions

Enhancing Accessibility and Engagement with Video Captions

Make your videos more inclusive and engaging with our Video Captions feature—an essential tool that adds a new dimension to content accessibility and viewer interaction.

Open to Everyone

Ensure that your videos are enjoyable for all. Video Captions add text overlays, making your content accessible to those with hearing impairments and enhancing understanding for a diverse audience.

Your Brand, Your Style

Maintain brand consistency across all platforms. Our Video Captions let you customize fonts, colors, and styles, ensuring that the captions seamlessly blend with your brand's identity.

Decoding Conversations with the Intelligence of Speaker Diarization

Enter the realm of advanced audio analysis with our Speaker Diarization feature—a smart tool that dissects and organizes audio data, bringing a new depth to comprehension and interaction. 

Distinguishing Individual Speakers

Delve into audio conversations with precision speaker identification. Our speaker Diarization feature discerns and labels speakers, providing clarity and structure to intricate audio recordings.

Precision Transcription Enhancement

Elevate transcription accuracy by segmenting and identifying speakers. This feature ensures that each speaker's words are transcribed with exactness, delivering a more reliable and thorough transcription.

Dynamic Real-Time Conversation Mapping

Experience the live mapping of ongoing conversations. Speaker Diarization works in real-time, creating a dynamic visual representation of speakers in dialogue for immediate insights and analysis.

The feature adapts effortlessly, catering to various industries, from call centers to content creators seeking improved audio organization. 

Sentiment Analysis

In the dynamic landscape of digital communication, understanding the sentiment behind text is more crucial than ever. Introducing our Sentiment Analysis API—an advanced tool that goes beyond words to decipher the emotions and opinions hidden within your content. Whether you’re gauging customer feedback, monitoring social media, or analyzing reviews, our Sentiment Analysis API empowers you to grasp the nuances that shape your audience’s opinions, currently we support Positive, Negative and Neutral. 

Key Features

Accurate Analysis

Our Sentiment Analysis API employs state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms to provide accurate sentiment analysis across a spectrum of emotions. From positive and neutral to negative sentiments, our tool decodes the subtleties in text.

Multi-language Support

Break language barriers with our API's multi-language support. Analyze sentiment in various languages, allowing you to connect with a global audience and understand sentiments in diverse linguistic contexts.

Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time sentiment analysis. Whether it's monitoring social media trends, assessing customer reactions during live events, or tracking sentiment changes, our API delivers instant insights.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor the sentiment analysis to fit your unique needs. Customize parameters such as sentiment thresholds, industry-specific lexicons, and sentiment score ranges for a solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Video Localization

Expanding Horizons with Video Localization Excellence

Open up new possibilities for your video content through our Video Localization service—an innovative solution that goes beyond language barriers, ensuring your message connects with audiences worldwide. 

Tailoring Content for Global Appeal

Create a customized viewing experience for diverse audiences. Our Video Localization service adjusts content to align with cultural nuances, language preferences, and regional expectations, providing an immersive and relatable experience.

Multilingual Enhancements: Subtitles and Voiceovers:

Effortlessly broaden your reach. Our service enhances videos with multilingual subtitles and voiceovers, making your content accessible and engaging for audiences speaking different languages.

Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability

Navigate global communication complexities effortlessly. Our Video Localization considers cultural nuances, ensuring your content is not just linguistically accurate but also culturally sensitive, fostering a profound connection with diverse viewers.

Unleash Global Engagement

Transform your videos into a global phenomenon. Our Video Localization service, redefines the reach of your content, allowing it to authentically resonate with audiences worldwide.