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Cherish the Change – The future belongs to those who are one step ahead

We at KPT have historically focused on text input, which has been reflected in our original vision statement: We combine the best of linguistics and technology to provide individuals and businesses worldwide with innovative, cost-effective and adaptive solutions for input and beyond. Text input used to be the main focus of all the players; however, […]

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26 NOV 2015 Keypoint Technologies 0

A smarter way to let brands connect with the mobile users

BANGALORE, INDIA: KeyPoint Technologies (KPT), today announced the launch of ‘Xploree’, a search and discovery platform for Android devices that connects mobile users to the most relevant brands and services across search, messenger and other platforms without exiting the current conversation app. Xploree has emerged as an intelligent, user-initiated and hyper-contextual Search and Discovery platform in […]

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11 JUN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Xploree by KeyPoint Technologies on InTech50′s Top Indian Start-ups List

Posted by TechInAsia: Meet the 50 software product startups from India pitching to global CIOs this week by Malavika Velayanikal “India has been called the back office of the world, with large IT services companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro serving global corporations. But a new wave of software product startups – such as CRM software […]

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14 APR 2015 Helene Anderson 0

KeyPoint Technologies in the Forefront of Mobile Technology

National and International Events Bring Visibility to Innovations in Mobile Technology “The Indian smartphone market is becoming the next important market for growth, and competition among vendors is gaining steam. India accounted for 7% of global smartphone shipments in 2014, and that share will rise to 15% in 2020.” – BusinessInsider Report Indian companies like […]

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25 MAR 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt College Spirit Keyboards | Android Headlines

Published on March 24, 2015 by Justin Diaz This won’t be the first time we’ve covered Adaptxt Keyboard, but the focus here is more so on the all new College Spirit themed keyboards than the actual keyboard app itself. Just like the original Adaptxt keyboard all of the College Spirit keyboards offer compatibility with 93 different languages, making it […]

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25 MAR 2015 Helene Anderson 0

KeyPoint bets big on India, to hire 15 experts to ramp up R&D

NEW DELHI: Betting big on India, Scotland- based KeyPoint Technologies will hire 15 experts this year at its research and development facility in Hyderabad to enhance its virtual keyboard platform. The company, which offers the Adaptxt keyboard for smart devices, has about 100 engineers at its Hyderabad centre. “India is a very important market for […]

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23 MAR 2015 Helene Anderson 0

KeyPoint brings Adaptxt Keyboard For Amazon Fire Tablets

KeyPoint has announced that Adaptxt, its context-aware, multi-language keyboard, is now available on Amazon Fire tablet devices. The keyboard that was only available for Android and iOS before, will now be available to download for on third and fourth generation Fire tablets. Adaptxt keyboard application designed to offer a personalized input typing experience to users across Android, […]

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23 FEB 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt becomes a favorite on this correspondent’s list

TV Grapevine’s Sammi Turano lists Adaptxt as one of her favorite things! The Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS 8 will give mobile device users an unrivaled typing experience across all devices – now including Apple products. Users will be able to create gesture text shortcuts to enable quick entry of lengthy text by gliding over a […]

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18 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Linguistic diversity turns into big business

The Glasgow, UK-based company is investing big in India. It hopes to raise $16 million to create context- and location-aware text messages based on local languages. This service is going to be sold to brands and retail outlets. The money will also go in to building a ‘predictive’ data analytics platform and building sales teams […]

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13 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Collaborating with consumers in their mobile moment of need

Mobile adoption rates are increasing all over the world and smartphone engagement is playing an important role in decision making process for customer purchases. Today we know where our consumers are, what their preferences are and even predict what they would like to find or buy in the next moment. As in any journey, experience […]

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16 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0