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Creating delightful experiences through the science of human expression

While KPT keeps applying its core skills, knowledge and experience in linguistics through technology, we realised we needed to re-define our company’s vision to reflect recent challenges and achievements. With an ever expanding library of new words and several non-textual artefacts that mobile device users may be taking for granted, KPT is striving to let […]

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29 DEC 2015 Keypoint Technologies 0

Cherish the Change – The future belongs to those who are one step ahead

We at KPT have historically focused on text input, which has been reflected in our original vision statement: We combine the best of linguistics and technology to provide individuals and businesses worldwide with innovative, cost-effective and adaptive solutions for input and beyond. Text input used to be the main focus of all the players; however, […]

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26 NOV 2015 Keypoint Technologies 0

Xploree by KeyPoint Technologies on InTech50′s Top Indian Start-ups List

Posted by TechInAsia: Meet the 50 software product startups from India pitching to global CIOs this week by Malavika Velayanikal “India has been called the back office of the world, with large IT services companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro serving global corporations. But a new wave of software product startups – such as CRM software […]

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14 APR 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Windows 10: keyboard apps on the horizon?

Alas, third-party keyboards are not (yet) supported on Windows Phone, but with the major changes Microsoft is making in Windows 10, anything seems like an opportunity. Windows 10 will replace Windows Phone on mobile devices from Microsoft and its partners; it will also, of course, work on laptops, desktops and even larger devices. The company […]

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12 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Location is a context, not THE context

Being context aware is about knowing location, identity, activity and time. Many context-aware technologies give a huge importance to location, but location is just one aspect of context, not the context. Location awareness can improve user experience, but knowing a user’s preferences and specific environment makes it all the more personal and all the more […]

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07 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

You can’t go home key again

The iPhone was noteworthy — and once controversial — for its lack of hardware keys. But some still yearn for those days when much of a phone’s surface was a sea of tiny buttons prepared to succumb to the thumb. With a workplace-unfriendly headline, Gizmodo’s Sean Hollister shares his experience with an add-on physical keyboard […]

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05 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

A thousand words often needs a few more

Can you imagine a service like Instagram before mobile? The “gram” part would be a lot less “insta.” Instant sharing services that focus on photos and videos have become hugely important apps. But even Instagram users can add rich personal context to their photographs by adding a caption, and many Instagram photos often attract lots […]

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07 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Collaborating with consumers in their mobile moment of need

Mobile adoption rates are increasing all over the world and smartphone engagement is playing an important role in decision making process for customer purchases. Today we know where our consumers are, what their preferences are and even predict what they would like to find or buy in the next moment. As in any journey, experience […]

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16 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0