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Creating delightful experiences through the science of human expression

While KPT keeps applying its core skills, knowledge and experience in linguistics through technology, we realised we needed to re-define our company’s vision to reflect recent challenges and achievements. With an ever expanding library of new words and several non-textual artefacts that mobile device users may be taking for granted, KPT is striving to let […]

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29 DEC 2015 Keypoint Technologies 0

Cherish the Change – The future belongs to those who are one step ahead

We at KPT have historically focused on text input, which has been reflected in our original vision statement: We combine the best of linguistics and technology to provide individuals and businesses worldwide with innovative, cost-effective and adaptive solutions for input and beyond. Text input used to be the main focus of all the players; however, […]

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26 NOV 2015 Keypoint Technologies 0

Linguistic diversity turns into big business

The Glasgow, UK-based company is investing big in India. It hopes to raise $16 million to create context- and location-aware text messages based on local languages. This service is going to be sold to brands and retail outlets. The money will also go in to building a ‘predictive’ data analytics platform and building sales teams […]

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13 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0