A smarter way to let brands connect with the mobile users

BANGALORE, INDIA: KeyPoint Technologies (KPT), today announced the launch of ‘Xploree’, a search and discovery platform for Android devices that connects mobile users to the most relevant brands and services across search, messenger and other platforms without exiting the current conversation app.

Xploree has emerged as an intelligent, user-initiated and hyper-contextual Search and Discovery platform in the mobile eco-system. It predicts user needs during chat conversations and guides them through their mobile journey across apps through relevant content, deals and services discovery.

“Mobile users today are looking for convenient, relevant and on the fly information while they are in between conversations and e-mails with their friends, family and at work. With expertise and experience to provide contextual search and brand discovery solutions to mobile eco-system players from the current one to 140 languages by end of 2015, we are best positioned to help businesses connect with their customers in real-time”, said Sumit Goswami, CEO – KeyPoint Technologies.

Brands through Xploree can connect with users in real-time to provide relevant services such as discount coupons, deals, one-hop search and add greater value to the conversation, thus taking consumer engagement from a contextual to a hyper-contextual realm.

Source: CiOL

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