KPT Jobs

Cross Platform Developer

We are looking for a smart, hands -on Lead Developer with strong design and architecture experience. The ideal candidate will have experience working on teams building enterprise grade mobile business applications. Candidate should have a desire to develop multi -tiered web and mobile applications and infrastructure, leveraging web services, middleware and databases as well as client -side frameworks/applications that encompass both native mobile applications and html 5 -based applications.

Responsibilities – Responsible for the architecture, design, and framing of mobile applications. – As a member of our team, you would have design, development, integration, and support responsibilities in all aspects of our mobility technology.

Project Management

This role requires managing and leading multiple software development projects within KPT. You will be responsible for the success of a mix of client-specific and internal technology development projects, and will be expected to use your creativity and ingenuity to facilitate delivery of projects within time, budget and quality constraints. For projects under your remit, you will also be expected to act as the single point of contact for KPT’s clients, sales, marketing and executive teams.

You will work closely with other project teams covering differing product genres and OS platforms in order to facilitate development of common core product components and architectures. You will be responsible for planning and taking projects through the different phases of a software development cycle. You will ensure adherence to the software development processes within KPT and contribute continuously to their improvement. You will be expected to manage risk and make technical and administrative decisions with considerable independence.

Automation Test Engineer

Hands-on experience in a test automation frameworks, harnesses or tools. Work experience in Python/perl/shell or any scripting language. Expertise in Selenium with Java. Passion towards improving product quality.

Ad Sales

Develop strategic partnerships across online advertising clients, agencies . Strategize for growth and gain maximum share of category spends on digital platform.

Aggressively chase sales target and keep the growth in terms of revenue and market share for the division. Proactively look at creating opportunities for revenue generation by analysing competition, evaluating opportunities, lateral thinking, etc. The person needs to have a fantastic presentation skills and PR skills to develop good relation with the clients. The person should good skills to interpret brief from clients and their Media Marketing divisions and to understand the brand positioning, key Marketing Challenge, Brand Objective, etc. Take complete onus of the thorough execution of the project and ensure that the client renews the deal. Manage all internal team reporting on ad sales, impressions and related metrics.