Cherish the Change – The future belongs to those who are one step ahead

We at KPT have historically focused on text input, which has been reflected in our original vision statement: We combine the best of linguistics and technology to provide individuals and businesses worldwide with innovative, cost-effective and adaptive solutions for input and beyond.

Text input used to be the main focus of all the players; however, the past few years have seen languages evolving quickly, along with a significant increase in a usage of non-textual means. Emojis, stickers, memes, gifs, to name a few, have become equally important and are available in most keyboards and messaging applications. Touch screen mobile devices have adjusted their standards to follow these trends, which indicate that communication is moving towards individuals expressing their thoughts in novel ways.

As technology and the industry evolves, we continue to reinforce our innovation framework by understanding new challenges of the market and modern users’ needs. In 2015 we added another new product to our family, Xploree – Search and Discovery keyboard. It brings users a few steps closer to a unique mobile search and discovery experience where they can blend an interactive browsing experience to shop and/or discovery services offers, discounts and deals, across any app without leaving the app. Xploree takes keyboard innovation to a new level to become an effective platform to build innovative consumer experiences on mobile.

All of above means that we are no longer just a technology player, but we are creating experiences around linguistics and technology. Also, we are no longer only about understanding language, but understanding information and communication beyond it. As a result, we feel that our new vision statement must articulate and illustrate the value we bring to our users.

The future belongs to those who are one step ahead in delivering significantly better experiences than existing solutions.
Watch this space as we announce our new vision statement soon.

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