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Annotating the flip chart

Writing is often known as a lonely pursuit. One setting in which it’s often done collaboratively, though, is in conference rooms, with someone standing beside a large pad that has become a fixture in many meetings: the flip chart. Alas, it is something of a holdout in a world of digital document creation. But maybe […]

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15 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Handwriting versus typing

The ancient debate about handwriting versus typing isn’t much of a contest when it comes to speed, but handwriting defenders point to personalization and, potentially, cognitive differences especially when it comes to learning one versus the other. The Guardian has an interesting look at both sides of the debate, with much historical perspective, although there’s […]

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14 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Windows 10: keyboard apps on the horizon?

Alas, third-party keyboards are not (yet) supported on Windows Phone, but with the major changes Microsoft is making in Windows 10, anything seems like an opportunity. Windows 10 will replace Windows Phone on mobile devices from Microsoft and its partners; it will also, of course, work on laptops, desktops and even larger devices. The company […]

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12 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt Showcase Apps: Say the Same Thing

There are many fun mobile word games out there, but a lot of them are constrained to a fixed set of words. However, the whole universe of English is open to players of Say the Same Thing, in which friends or strangers start out with two different words and try to meet in the middle […]

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09 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Typing on TV

In this age of on-demand services from Netflix and Amazon, searching for something to watch takes a lot of typing. On the tablet, this isn’t a problem; the Adaptxt software can handle names and titles from many countries. However, typing on a TV can be very cumbersome as you generally have to use the four […]

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08 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

Location is a context, not THE context

Being context aware is about knowing location, identity, activity and time. Many context-aware technologies give a huge importance to location, but location is just one aspect of context, not the context. Location awareness can improve user experience, but knowing a user’s preferences and specific environment makes it all the more personal and all the more […]

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07 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0

You can’t go home key again

The iPhone was noteworthy — and once controversial — for its lack of hardware keys. But some still yearn for those days when much of a phone’s surface was a sea of tiny buttons prepared to succumb to the thumb. With a workplace-unfriendly headline, Gizmodo’s Sean Hollister shares his experience with an add-on physical keyboard […]

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05 JAN 2015 Helene Anderson 0