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One of the many great uses for Adaptxt is catching up on a document that you may have started in a word processor app on your PC. Google Docs and Office 365′s version of Microsoft Word use their cloud services to automatically pick up documents where users left off, so you can start a document […]

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30 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Unadapted text

When paired with a modern smartphone or tablet, Adaptxt represents an incredibly dynamic typing experience. The keyboard is constantly improving, as are the apps, the operating systems and the devices on which they run. But back in the 1970s, most people were still using unchanging typewriters to compose their prose. Hemingwrite offers a taste of […]

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19 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Awaiting Minority Report

Once upon a time, the state of the art in text entry was a ball, or at least something like it. The nearly spherical printing mechanism of the IBM Selectric typewriter was designed to eliminate jams while typing and was marketed as moving faster than the eye could see. That’s a fine segue for talking […]

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17 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0

A new flavor of typing in Lollipop

Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet are the first devices to use Lollipop, also known as Android 5.0. which was known as “Android-L” throughout its development. Lollipop is noteworthy for its introduction of Material Design, the new user interface design that Google is advocating for Android apps and the Web. However, there are […]

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15 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0

The Force (of Themes) Awakens

Science fiction fans were thrilled when Disney recently unveiled the first trailers for the first new Star Wars film since 2005. Star Wars: The Force Awakens sees the return of many of the franchise’s favorite characters in the series’ epic battle between the light side and dark side of a power known as The Force. […]

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12 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0


Perhaps a response to the keyboard waffle iron that has no keys, another Kickstarter campaign has launched for a keyboard with a single key, the pound sign used to indicate hashtags in social media. It’s not the first attempt to take a few keys and set them aside for a premium offering. Alas, the developer […]

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10 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Tapping out a delicious breakfast

Software keyboards have carried the day when it comes to mobile text entry, but one must admit that they’re not very good breakfast items. That’s where the keyboard waffle iron comes in. The $175 unit makes extra-wide waffles with the slightly off grid that is characteristic of our favorite text entry device. Keyboard waffles lack […]

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08 DEC 2014 Helene Anderson 0