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The best of the biggest

It’s hard to remember that the original iPhone, with its 3.5-inch screen, was the largest display in the game when it debuted in 2007. No wonder the idea of typing on a screen was a hard sell back in the day. Nowadays, however, it’s rare to find a new smartphone with a screen size below […]

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29 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Who needs a PC?

At The Register, Dave Cartright tries to run his business from his smartphone and reports having pretty good success. “It turned out not to be as difficult as I imagined,” he writes. His tips include taking advantage of Wi-Fi calling software, using the cloud, and making sure to pick the right phone (in general, bigger […]

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27 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt glides onto the thinnest iPad ever

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were the first new products from Apple to support Adaptxt, and they’re now joined by iPad Air 2 and iPad mini, which the company announced recently. The iPad Air 2 is Apple’s fastest and thinnest iPad ever. In fact, you can stack two of them and it will still […]

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26 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Text as a launcher

Through much of the 1970s and 1980s, people got things done on computers by entering text commands. That changed with the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, which largely replaced text commands with their own interfaces (although both operating systems still support a command line). But with the release of a new tablet from Nokia came with […]

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25 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Autocorrect this

Adaptxt is designed to allow you to effortlessly enter text in a constrained space. Of course, one of the shifts from physical keyboards to screen typing is in tactile feedback. There are companies doing some intriguing work in that area. But one project that takes tactile feedback very seriously is this punching bag “keyboard” that […]

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21 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Integrating localization in mobile strategies

The proliferation of smart devices and the latest technologies have changed the way people interact with each other, unlocking several opportunities for e-commerce players to make the most of the available technologies. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the preferred media choice with the greatest impact on consumer purchasing behavior.  With millions of users around the […]

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20 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

The best in Belgium

ZDNet Belgium has selected Adaptxt as one of the best software keyboards for iOS 8. Author Noemie Six notes that the right keyboard can save time and autocorrect blunders. The article also notes that keyboards such as Adaptxt can help those moving over from Android to iOS (and vice versa, of course). The article points […]

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19 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt becomes a favorite on this correspondent’s list

TV Grapevine’s Sammi Turano lists Adaptxt as one of her favorite things! The Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS 8 will give mobile device users an unrivaled typing experience across all devices – now including Apple products. Users will be able to create gesture text shortcuts to enable quick entry of lengthy text by gliding over a […]

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18 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Let it go

Adaptxt is designed to make the most of the text entry experience when your fingers touch the screen. But there’s one time when your fingers certainly shouldn’t be touching the screen and that’s when you’re driving. Now, two pre-launch companies are taking diverse approaches to helping people avoiding texting while driving. SafeDrive is a Romanian […]

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18 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Hey Cortana, good chatting with you

Asking our smartphones for directions and trivia from the Internet seems like the stuff of science fiction. The allure is so great, in fact, that Amazon has just introduced a new product — Echo — that is essentially a cylindrical speaker that responds to requests with a disembodied voice. Echo is intended to be a […]

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14 NOV 2014 Helene Anderson 0