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Tapping into iOS 8.1

Apple just released iOS 8.1, an update for devices that support iOS 8. While the most talked-about feature has been Apple Pay, the company’s slick way to pay for things at a range of retailers and restaurants, there were also several features that have an impact on typing on iOS devices. For example, Apple has […]

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27 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Embracing Software Keyboards

Smartphones and tablets have overwhelmingly adopted software keyboards like Adaptxt. But some folks still prefer to have a bit more tactile feedback when using these touchscreen devices. What’s interesting, though, is that two products that have focused on hardware keyboards have made recent changes that are a nod to the power of software keyboards. Microsoft […]

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20 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Learning from Feedback

Just as the Adaptxt keyboard learns from you, we at KeyPoint Technologies value feedback so that we can learn and improve our products. In a recent review at Tom’s Guide, reviewer Philip Michaels points out some of his favorite things about Adaptxt, including our expanded word choices for predictive text and the ability to add […]

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17 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Collaborating with consumers in their mobile moment of need

Mobile adoption rates are increasing all over the world and smartphone engagement is playing an important role in decision making process for customer purchases. Today we know where our consumers are, what their preferences are and even predict what they would like to find or buy in the next moment. As in any journey, experience […]

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16 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

TUAW weighs in on Adaptxt: “It’s pretty magical.”

When you’re getting comfortable in a new neighborhood like iOS, it helps to get the inside scoop from folks who’ve been there a long time. That’s certainly true of TUAW, which has been looking at Apple products since 2004 — three years before the iPhone made its debut!   TUAW writer Mel Martin has given […]

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11 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

CBSNews.com calls third-party iOS keyboards “a revelation.”

The support of third-party keyboards in iOS 8 continues to be cited as one its most popular features. In a piece titled, “New Keyboards Might Be the Best Part of iOS 8,” CBSNews.com writer Dave Johnson steps readers through setting up and selecting keyboards like Adaptxt, which he calls an “excellent choice.” He notes: [B]eing […]

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09 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0

Adaptxt Keyboard for iOS a Free and Powerful Tool

As an iOS user, you should be happy with the new iOS 8 feature which make you able to install new third party keyboards to your phone, so you can have new features didn’t come with the Apple default keyboard. One of these keyboards… is “Adaptxt”, the keyboard has a lot of features like a ton of supported languages and […]

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09 OCT 2014 Keypoint Technologies 0

Loving Our New Home

We were pretty thrilled when Apple announced in June that it would be allowing developers to create custom keyboard for iOS. Following the longstanding embrace of Adaptxt by Android users, we welcomed a chance to bring our keyboard to Apple users who care about beautiful, functional software design as much as we do. Now that iOS 8 […]

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08 OCT 2014 Helene Anderson 0