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Adaptxt predictive text engine is well tested and ready to be shipped on a wide range of Platforms and Devices. The exclusive platform readiness on Android, iOS, webOS, QnX (Blackberry Tablet OS), Meego, Linux, Windows and Symbian Mobile places Adaptxt many miles ahead of its competitors. It brings cost effective business offering to OEMs and Operators engaging in multi-platform and multi-device support.

KPT brings forward years of research and experience in text input technology to connected devices like

• Smart TVs
• IVIs
• Smartphones: touch, non-touch - candybar, slide-out, 12 Key, 20 Key, full keyboard
• Tablets
• Feature phones

Independent benchmark tests have proven that Adaptxt offers higher prediction and correction accuracy compared to other solutions in the market. In addition to this, Adaptxt offers plenty of benefits and opportunities to different players in the ecosystem. These benefits cut across different platforms, input methods, devices, languages, end users and form the crux of the Adaptxt Advantage.

If you are one of the below seeking to participate in the Adaptxt ecosystem via adoption, co-creation, contribution, collaboration

• Telecom Operator
• Developer
• Third Party Application
• Enterprises

Please contact our Business Development team at