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Xploree is a unique and patent pending ‘Search & Discovery’ platform. It is the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual, platform with language intelligence that conveniently connects mobile device users with relevant offers and services in the exact moment of need.

Xploree is the innovative solution to help consumer re-engagement, stickiness and conversations with content, apps, brands and services.


Adaptxt Keyboard

Adaptxt keyboard is a predictive multilingual keyboard for smart devices, which makes communication in any language easy, thanks to smart features such as next-word prediction, intuitive error correction and location-based suggestions.

Adaptxt keyboard learns from your writing style and provides relevant suggestions, offering a personalized experience and allowing you to type more with minimal keystrokes.


Lipi Keyboard

Lipi is a free software keyboard that you can use to type in your own native language. With full support for 25 major Indian languages, say goodbye to typing in English.

With intelligent predictions, shortcuts for phrases you use frequently and robust error correction, Lipi makes your typing experience hassle free, faster and more accurate. And it gets better the more you use it!



KPT is a global leader in innovative language technology offerings for mobile consumers. Its product range includes the industry’s first user-initiated and multi-lingual search and discovery platform, Xploree; revolutionary text input technology, Adaptxt and India’s first Indic keyboard, Lipi. KPT’s global leadership is established through the consumption of its products by OEMs, operators, third party applications, brands and consumers in more than 136+ global languages, including 35+ Indic, complex languages for MEA and SEA countries. Successful partnerships with tier-1 & tier-2 global business partners for its products and localization services have propelled the company into a rapid growth phase.

Meet the Team behind our success

Peter Waller

Chairman (non-executive)

Peter possesses over 20 years in executive roles in the IT industry, is a highly sought-after board member for public & private organizations in UK.

Minesh Patel

Senior Board Member

Minesh plays an active role as a Senior Board Director at KeyPoint Technologies, where he oversees the strategic management of the international business development and investor relations.

Sumit Goswami


Thought leader and speaker for the telecom and mobile, Sumit possesses 18 years in business development, sales and product management roles.

Sunil Motaparti

CTO & Co-founder

A savvy technology executive, Sunil ensures successful outcome in all product development and customer experience.

Duk Chun

EVP Sales

Duk Chun is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience managing and growing technology businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

Gautam Sharma

VP Finance & Company Secretary

With significant experience in company valuations, debt advisory and private equity placements, Gautam specializes in mergers and acquisitions advisory.

Prima Dona

VP Prod Innovation, IP & Strategy

Prima Dona is responsible for strategic business and product development, organic innovation, partnerships and the intellectual property portfolio.

Mahesh Narayanan

Strategic Advisor

COO, Saavn and Former Google Country Head, Mobile Global business leader bringing more than 15 years of experience in the digital & technology industries


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About OpenAdaptxtTM

OpenAdaptxtTMis an open source community project focused on the development of an open, next-generation text input platform and standard, enabling OEMs, solution providers, developers, linguists and end users to improve the quality and effectiveness of text input experiences on all types of connected devices and applications. It is the first commercial-grade and truly global (supporting 50+ languages) open source effort in this direction. OpenAdaptxtTM supports many operating systems like Android, MeeGo, Windows, Linux and can be easily ported to new platforms. At KeyPoint Technologies, we launched the project by contributing technology and language assets developed for our flagship, best-in-class Adaptxt® prediction and error correction engine. We are actively inviting members of the open source community, hobbyists, hackers, linguists, OEMs and application developers to participate in the project and accelerate its development.


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